SALE! Last Chance! Newborn size Modified Nikky wool wrap cloth diaper covers

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This heavy-duty, surprisingly economical wool wrap is made by Nikky, a Japanese company known for its incredible quality.  If you are familiar with Nikky products, you know that the construction quality is wonderful and the leg gussets are gentle, yet effective even on chubby thighs. My favorite thing about Nikky wool, other than it being breathable, of course, is that it is machine washable.  

I love wool, but before I discovered Nikky and Niji wool, I found my wool would pile up in a corner waiting to be hand-washed, or, even worse, I'd be heart-broken when family members unknowingly mixed expensive wool covers in with the normal laundry, and the covers shrunk and hardened into an unusable form.  Fortunately, Nikky wool is fully felted before the covers are made.  Unfortunately, these awesome covers were recently discontinued, so this is your last chance to purchase my modified Nikky covers.  

Wool is an incredible fabric for diapering--the healthiest material for diaper covers available and the absolute best for rash prevention. Wool initially repels moisture, then it absorbs up to 30% of its weight before feeling damp to the touch. It is naturally breathable and a full four degrees cooler than plastic, making it much better for baby's skin than standard PUL covers. Wool is naturally anti-bacterial (and therefore odor-resistant) and self-cleansing. It is an incredible thermal regulator.

You can choose to hand wash your covers, or machine wash them like I do.  You will want to re-lanolize them occasionally to ensure that the covers maintain all the properties that are attributable to the natural lanolin content in the wool (use a quick and easy lanolin spray or use the more water-soak traditional approach). 

Nikky covers have one major flaw: the "hook" part of the hook and loop closure can rub babies' thighs and leave red marks, especially if baby doesn't have pants or bloomers on over the diaper. I don't want that problem to keep you from trying these great covers, so I modify the covers by applying strategically placed matching snaps.  The snaps match the cover perfectly, so they look like they were meant to be there all along!  When you use the cover, there will be a snap under the velcro on each wing of the diaper, and you'll attach it to one of two snaps on each of your baby's hips.  One of the best things about Nikky covers is that wonderfully soft, wide loop panel for a truly custom fit. With two hip snaps you don't lose that versatility. 

Remember, wool is not actually waterproof. Moms like to say about wool and fleece that they are "only as good as the diaper beneath it." If your baby is drenching their diapers, please check out Sweet Iris' flats or inserts. Wool can have compression leaks if you try to squish it under something really tight. (Need something waterproof? Check out our breathable/waterproof Nikky poly covers).

So how do Nikky covers fit? Beautifully. Most babies really do fit wonderfully in them. Nikky covers have a nice, trim fit that works gorgeously over flats, but still works with puffier options like pre-folds and fitteds. The babies that **might** have issues are very thin-legged babies. If babies in your family tend towards "chicken leggedness" you might consider sizing down or trying out one cover before buying a whole stash. In general, Nikky's weight estimates tend to be right on target: 

Newborn - Birth - 9 pounds

Small - 3 months, 9-14 pounds

Medium - 6 months, 14 - 18 pounds

Large - 12 months, 18-22 pounds

Extra Large - 18 months, 22-27 pounds

Super Large - 24 months, 27-32 pounds

You can even machine dry these covers, though I always suggest line drying covers whenever it is convenient. The two layers of wool in the wet zone separate to hasten drying time.  These covers are similar to the Niji covers in the shop.  Niji covers have a higher rise, a synthetic fabric on the inner leg gusset, and offer a better fit for babies with thin legs.  

To learn current turnaround times for shipping diaper covers, visit the "info" tab of the website.

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